Accounting and Budget Manual 2015 - 2014

Accounting and Budget Manual provides the forms and instructions for the completion and submission of financial reports to the commission. The Manual is available as a searchable PDF. To search for text in Adobe Viewer, use Find to search for text in an open PDF. Type search terms in the Find Text box on the toolbar, then press Enter.

Memo - Availability of Electronic version of Accounting and Budget Manual

Section 100 - Accounting Principles and Concepts

Section 200 - Chart of Accounts

Section 300 - For Future Use

Section 400 - Reporting Requirements

Section 500 - Reporting Instructions

Section 600 - Reporting Schedule Checklist

Section 600 - Reporting Schedule for Annual Report of REV Checklist

Section 600 - Annual Filing Standard Forms: Reporting Schedules -- Excel Version Excel File

Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C

Section 700 - Appendix D - Standard Unit of Measure References

Section 700 - Appendix D - Excel Excel File

Alternative Rate Setting Methods (ARM) Manual - 1998